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Hertz Digital Power Series Full Range Class D HDP5 5-Channel Amplifier

Hertz Digital Power Series Full Range Class D HDP5 5-Channel Amplifier
Price: Sold in Store Only


  • Thermally optimized double extruded heatsink, ergonomic and aluminium die-cast end caps
  • 4 LEDs monitor the status of the amplifier and communicate with the user
  • Special balanced input circuitry to reject electromagnetic disturbances present on the Pre-amplified or Speaker level inputs;
  • HDP Input featuring either Speaker In (OEM radio) and RCA In (Aftermarket radio) inputs
  • ART, Automatic Remote Turn-On/Off function, automatically turns on and off the amplifier when the OEM radio turns on and off (available on Speaker In only)
  • Double separate power supply stages for A & B channels, C channel based on multi-winding toroidal transformers plus Low ESR 105 degree Celsius resistant electrolytic capacitors, D-Class 2 U stable output stage based on solid T220-5pin power Mosfets; with compact “install-friendly” connector
  • Highly flexible crossover system allows full range or Hi-pass 12 dB/Oct. filter on A & B channels for front plus rear configuration or Hi-Pass plus Band-Pass on A & B channels for multichannel configuration and Lo-pass 24 dB/Oct. filter on C channel for optimal subwoofer driving
  • 3-Channel mode switch is provided to easy set up the amplifier for high power front speaker system plus subwoofer to achieve up to 200 W x 2 (4U) + 550 W x 1 (2 Ohm)


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