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DiamondBoxx Model L - Wireless High Power Rechargeable Speaker System

DiamondBoxx Model L - Wireless High Power Rechargeable Speaker System
Black Blue Red
Price: Sold in Store Only

  • The Famous Boombox, reinvented!
  • Hand made in the USA with quality materials using Aluminum, Titanium, Wood and Leather
  • HiFi Audio playback via wireless Bluetooth or wired connection
  • Connects to: iPhone, android, BlackBerry, iPad, iPod, tablet, laptop, desktop, game system, projector, tv....basically anything with Bluetooth or a headphone jack
  • Illuminated Diamond changes colors to show battery level
  • White LED output meters
  • Linking system allows one DiamondBoxx to control many others. Connect your friend's DiamondBoxx to yours as one epic sound system for venues requiring louder music. If it isn't loud enough connect another DiamondBoxx, repeat.
  • A true 140 Watt amplifier design that will allow you to be heard in any environment
  • Internal rechargeable system allows for up to 20 hours of play away from an outlet
  • Available in all colors: Gold Pearl, Pink Pearl, Plum Cray, Red, Rough Duty Black, Starburst Silver, Sub-Lime, Summer Orange, Teal, and White.


Rudy's Autosound
1542 Highway 35, Kalispell MT 59901

(406) 756-6960